Meet Our Board Members

A message from the President of the Foundation, Kevin Clinton

Lake Parks Foundation gives supporters of Lake Metroparks an avenue to enhance an already fine resource. This is done by funding programs and projects that are focused on education. In the 25 years LPF has existed it has helped educate thousands of children, supported the care of thousands of animals at the Wildlife Center and funded hundreds of projects. Thank you for your continued generous support.

Board Members:
Kevin Clinton: President
John Antalovich, Jr.: Vice President
Bob Dakes: Treasurer
Loretta Dakes: Secretary
John Antalovich, Sr.
Grace Andrassy
Laura Lytle

The Board meets the third Tuesday of the month.

Lake Metroparks Officials

Lake County Probate Judge Mark Bartolotta
Board of Park Commissioners: Gretchen Skok DiSanto, John C. Redmond, Frank J. Polivka
Executive Director: Paul Palagyi
Lake Parks Foundation Liaison: Vince Urbanski 

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